Upcoming Changes on the Blog

Dear Readers,

I wanted to let you know of some changes that you will begin to see on my blog. As Science and Silicone grows and begins to take more and more of my free time outside of my full-time job, I've decided to enroll in some affiliate marketing networks and begin adding affiliate links in some of my posts. I hope that this will help me offset some of the out-of-pocket costs of hosting and maintaining the website. I am all for complete transparency, so I wanted to put this out there loud and clear before I started doing it.

What does this mean? When you click a link on my blog that leads to a product page, your click-through and/or purchase of the product may result in a small commission for this blog. All posts containing affiliate links will be marked as such. When I have the time, I will likely go back through my blog and add affiliate links to older posts where appropriate.

This will not change the content of Science and Silicone. As you all know, I work with many small brands from Europe that are mom & pop shops, so by nature, most of these brands do not participate in affiliate programs. I'm not going to suddenly shift my content to promoting more main-stream content for the sole purpose of earning commission and I will certainly not become a shill for larger brands.

With that off my chest, I invite you to share your questions or comments. I have some great posts coming up this week, so I'm really excited to show you some stellar pieces. Spoiler alert: there is clothing involved!