Review: Parfait by Affinitas Danielle Longline Bralette

Continuing on with my backlog of reviews from past months, today I want to write about the Parfait by Affinitas Danielle longline bralette in Peacock Blue. This gorgeous colorway first became available in AW14 but it appears to have become a continuity color and is available at many shops online. 

The first thing that attracted me to this bra was the vintage aesthetic of lace and satin, adorned with demure satin-covered buttons. I can't even begin to understand why this was called a bralette, because it's a very structured longline with boning and barely any give! The satiny material is silky against the skin and the lace isn't scratchy. The foam cups are firm and hold their shape when the bra is off the body. The craftsmanship is also quite good for a price point of under $60. Although Parfait doesn't make many bras in my true size of 28FF, I still admire them for being one of the only US based full bust lingerie brands that's widely available and quite affordable. 

I had tried Danielle in the Dusty Rose colorway back when I first got my breast augmentation, but despite wearing a 28FF, I couldn't even begin to fill out the cups of the 30F, so I ordered this peacock blue number in a 30E, hoping for better results. Although I wanted to give in and complete the set with the matching boyshorts, I figured I'd try the bra first before committing to matching coordinates, since I had a bad feeling I'd be in for some disappointment...

And sadly my premonition was correct. Even in a 30E, Danielle and I just weren't meant get along, so back to the store she went. Although this longline is one of the nicest bras under $60 that I've put on, it did me absolutely no favors. The gore is wider than I prefer and the straps did not adjust as short as I would have liked. Although the cups were the correct size, my breasts just couldn't seem to settle in to the cups correctly and the overall shape was very east-west and not terribly flattering on me. There was empty space in the sides and not enough at the bottom. It looked very...unnatural and almost cartoonish because the cups were so stiff and did not move with the body. In fact, when my boyfriend was photographing me, he said the bra reminded him of a Zelda character from the late 90s:

Source: Photobucket

Source: Photobucket

For a 30 band, Danielle actually fit closer to a 28 or a firm 30, stretching to about 28.5" or 29", which is great for those of us out there with smaller ribcages, so there is a silver lining. (For the record, my Parfait Charlotte in a 28FF fits almost like a 26 band but I was disappointed to find out that most other Parfait 30 bands run true to size or even a bit large, according to Bratabase.) However, the band is the same width at the top and bottom, so if your ribcage tapers like mine does, it fits perfectly on the top and is too loose in the bottom.

While the Danielle longline seems to be a difficult fit for many women, I believe it would work best for taller or longer-torsoed women with farther apart, softer and more bottom heavy breasts that tend to fall to the sides. I would also recommend sizing down in the cup and up in the band.

On a side note, I've also realized that although I love longlines in theory and think they are generally very pretty, I just don't find myself wearing them very often. I have two in my drawer and might reach for them a few times a year at the most.

I haven't seen the size ranges for any of the AW15 Parfait bras, but I hope at least some of them come in a 28 or run really firm in the band so I can give them a try! 

Have you tried Danielle? What Parfait styles are you looking forward to for the upcoming season?