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A few weeks ago, a lovely rep named Abigail contacted me from and kindly offered to send me a set of my choice to review and I was thrilled to accept. I love finding new places to buy my lingerie online, especially because most shops that carry full-bust lingerie are based in the UK and shipping is a hassle. is a San Diego-based online lingerie & swimwear shop, offering an impressive collection of Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Parfait by Affinitas and several other well-loved full bust brands.  Browsing through the inventory, I've noticed many new styles from SS15 and even AW15, as well as some older styles from these brands, so it's a great place to find missed styles from past seasons. 

I chose the Freya Deco Spotlight in Ivory as my review sample, since I have two other Decos and consider them wardrobe stables, wearing them at least once a week. Although the Deco is one of the most loved (or hated, depending on your shape) and frequently reviewed bras out there, I still thought it would be nice to show you this cute patterned SS15 colorway, especially since Freya has changed the cut of the Deco in recent seasons. The Deco Spotlight comes in sizes 28-38 B-GG, excluding B & C cups in 28 and 30 bands, and GG cups in 28 and 38 bands. The boyshorts run from XS to XL.

I find my beige and black Decos to run a cup size large, so I took a 28F in the Spotlight despite wearing 28FF in most molded bras. I also opted for the matching boyshort in XS, since that's the comfiest style of underwear to wear under skirts and dresses, which is all I wear now since moving to California!

The first thing I noticed about the Deco Spotlight upon taking it out of the package (which arrived very quickly, by the way) was the thick seam at the edge of the cup, which certainly isn't part of the older design. Also, the fabric covering the molded cup is slightly different, feeling like a soft, smooth microfiber.

When I put on the bra, I realized the fit is significantly different from my other two Decos. The cups felt much smaller and lower and the seam at the edge of the cup caused it to be more closed on top. As a resultm I got significant quadboob and probably should have sized up to a 28FF. However, the new design might be more closed on top and thus no longer suitable for me, which I really hope isn't the case because I hope to wear Decos for a long time to come! It's the best molded bra I've ever tried and without the use of excessive padding or pushup pads, it creates really impressive cleavage. 

Another thing I noticed is that the band is rather loose on the Deco Spotlight, fitting like a 30 instead of a 28. I would definitely recommend sizing down in the band, if possible. Despite Freya being notorious for stretchy bands that run a full size large, when I bought both of my older Decos, I started wearing them on the loosest hook and now wear them on the middle one after about a year of use. The Spotlight had to be clasped on the tightest hook right away, so sadly I would say it's unsuitable for ladies that need true-to-size 28 bands.

decospotlight2 7.jpg
decospotlight2 2.jpg

The boyshorts are adorable and fit smaller than other XS panties I've tried from Freya. These even cut into my bum a little bit, but I expect them to stretch with wear and mold to my shape with time. Although the Deco Spotlight shorts are a higher rise than I usually prefer, they are super flattering and made of a very soft microfiber fabric that feels great against the skin.  If you generally wear an XS in Freya panties and find them generous or have a rounder booty, I would suggest sizing up to a S.

While this iteration of the Deco didn't quite work for me, I think this new cut solves two common complaints about the bra: it runs a cup size large and gapes at the top too much. The cup now seems true to size and the upper seam closes the cup and might make it more suitable for even or fuller on bottom shapes. However, I really wish Freya would address the loose band issue, because with a 26" ribcage measurement, many of their bras are unwearable for me due to fitting like 30s.

I encourage you to check out the new Deco Spotlight and browse the wide selection at Hopefully you'll find something lovely in your size!

Do you love or hate the Deco? What's your favorite Deco? Do you 

Disclaimer: The items in this post were sent to me free of charge for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.