Review: Ewa Michalak S Orzechowa Pralinka

I frequently browse bra swapping groups in my spare time (sssh, I know I have a problem...), so when this brand new S Orzechowa Pralinka popped up in a 60G, I quickly snagged it, knowing how high the demand is for Polish bras in custom sizes. I was considering ordering this 'nude' padded bra directly from the website anyway since my S Porcelanka is nearing the end of its life, but it's always a treat to find Polish bras for sale in these groups because delivery time is way faster than waiting for a custom order to be made. 

The S Orzechowa Pralinka is one of the plainest Ewa Michalak bras I've seen to date, but it was exactly what I needed for a smooth look under clothes. The name roughly translates to 'nut candy' which to me implies a dark skin tone, but it works just fine on my pale skin. The fabric is akin to a very fine mesh and feels different than other styles I've tried from this brand. I wear my beige Deco way too much so I've been looking for a similar bra to share the load but I generally have a terrible time finding a good fit in moulded bras from UK lingerie companies. Despite how simple this bra is, it's very pretty, adorned with a small bow and single pearl charm at the center gore. This just goes to show you don't need a lot of lace and frills to make a nice bra. 

Although I take most Ewa Michalak bras in a 65F or 60FF, I've noticed my S bras fit just a hair too small in the cup now so I was excited to try a 60G despite expecting it to be too large. To my surprise, the 60G was a perfect fit and now I think I'll start to order everything from Ewa Michalak in this size! The band is perfectly firm and doesn't ride up at all, sitting low on the back. The cups are moderately deep and have narrow wires, coming up low under the arms. They also come with removable pads, which I am wearing in all of the pictures for a little more oomph. However, these pads can be moved around to accommodate a size difference between breasts or removed for less cleavage.

The only thing I didn't love about the S Orzechowa Pralinka is how you can see the outline of the pads on the outside of the cups. Although this isn't noticeable under clothes, it makes the bra look cheaper than than other styles I own in the same cut. I would have preferred the cups to look smoother from the outside.

I have another post in the works about a custom order I placed with Ewa Michalak back in February and how I liked my selections, so stay tuned. It's a bit out of order, but I wanted to post the newer model first while there is still full stock so those of you who'd like to order from Ewa won't miss out.