Review & Giveaway: The Strap Saver

It's not often that new inventions come around in the lingerie space, so when I found out about The Strap Saver from co-founder Shari, I was both excited and impressed. The Strap Saver is a simple solution for shortening bra straps that doesn't require a sewing machine, a seamstress, or much time on your part. It's a tiny metal device that is placed on a bra, dress, bathing suit or tank top to shorten a strap that's too long from the start or has stretched out over time.

The Strap Saver is available in three staple colors - black, beige and metallic. It also comes in several different widths, designed to accommodate every garment from thin spaghetti straps to the thicker bra straps that one might find in fuller bust sizes. Best of all, it's 100% made in the USA! You can buy your own Strap Saver for $15 here.

Shari was kind enough to send me a pair of Strap Savers to try for myself and review on the blog. Petite readers, take note, as this might be a game changer for you. Over the years,  I have tried on dozens of bras that were lovely except for one little problem - the straps were only semi adjustable. Honestly, as a petite woman, this is the bane of my existence, because even if the straps just fit at their shortest length, there is no reason to buy a $60+ bra that will stretch out and be unwearable after a few wears and washes.

The Strap Saver arrived in a small envelope and inside were two instruction pamphlets and a silky pouch containing the Strap Savers themselves. I opted for the beige 1/2" option, as most of my straps are around this width and beige can blend in easily with many colors as well as my skin tone. At first I thought the product looked overly simplistic and I doubted whether these tiny metal devices would really transform my bra-drobe, but once I experimented with one of my older Ewa Michalak bras, I was convinced of their worth.

strapsaver 9.jpg

I will say that the instructions on the pamphlet were somewhat confusing. It wasn't clear if the loop in the second step should be made on the inside or the outside of the bra strap. I read the instructions several times before fully understanding how to use The Strap Saver, but luckily there is a video explaining how to use the product which I wish I had seen sooner! I will say I am a visual learner, though, so this may not be the case for you.

First, I lengthened the strap of the bra all the way to its maximum length, creating a loop on inside of the strap, shortening it to the desired length.

Next, I folded the loop down and flattened it against the strap.

Then, I slipped the thick part of the loop through the thicker end of The Strap Saver and hooked the thinner part around the top of the bra strap.

strapsaver 3.jpg

And viola! Now we have my old Ewa Michalak bra with shortened straps. Here you can see the difference between the default shortest length of the strap compared to the side with The Strap Saver, which is about half an inch shorter. 

It's a great improvement and could be shortened even more if necessary. The strap is now thicker than before and looks a little bulky, but it's not uncomfortable or noticeable under looser fitting clothing. 

I had a small issue with The Strap Saver snagging the tiny loops that decorate the straps of my bra. If possible, I would recommend avoiding using the device on these types of straps as the loops can get pulled out and might look unsightly, Smooth straps are probably best for this endeavor.

One concern about using The Strap Saver for old bras that have stretched out is that in my experience, the band and the straps tend to go at the same time and it's not super useful to only target one of the issues. If the band has also stretched out and you are finding a need to shorten the straps to make up for this, it might be best to lay the bra to rest. However, if the elastic of the bra straps stretched out faster than the fabric of the band, it is valuable to salvage the bra and keep wearing it. 

Additionally, I would caution my readers against using The Strap Saver to make up for fit issues that go beyond the length of the straps. Often, too-long straps can be a sign of other fit issues, like improperly fitted cups, bands or a shape incompatibility.

With that out of the way, I will say that this is a great product. Now that I own a Strap Saver, I will think twice about walking out of a store empty-handed or sending back a bra I love just because the straps were too long for my frame and the rest of the bra fit was spot on. 

In the future, I would love to see more color choices for The Strap Saver. I think a clear option would be a very versatile item for many women's wardrobes. Additionally, it would be awesome to have a band shortening solution to go hand in hand with the strap shortener. The Rixie Clip is a useful option that's available on the market, but perhaps The Strap Saver founders can think of an even better solution to stretchy bands.

Now onto the fun part - the giveaway! Enter below to win a prize from the ladies over at The Strap Saver!