Review: Avocado Calypso

I'm finally back to writing again! Oh, how I've missed rambling about lingerie and taking pretty pictures. Things are finally calming down in my life and I'm getting back into a good groove and planning my days better. The first review of many from a long list of overdue posts is of Avocado's Calypso bra in the K cut.

As mentioned in my earlier post about the Mirabelle in the A cut, many of Avocado's bras come in multiple shape options, which is a wonderful solution for accommodating many different breast shapes. This is something I wish was incorporated into more lingerie collections outside of Poland. I do want to note that when Calypso was sent to me in May (although USPS lost my package for 5 weeks and the set didn't arrive until the end of June!), it was available in the A and K cuts. However, now the same style is offered in a brand new cut called the NF, which was reviewed by Sophie of 2 Cakes on a Plate. You will see my feedback on Avocado's new RV and NF offerings soon, but for now let's focus on the K shape, which is still available in a number of styles on Avocado's website.

Calypso is a lovely sheer bra with intricate detailing, designed in a harmony of jewel green tones and neutrals. I don't own any green lingerie but I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it on Avocado's website. It reminds me of mermaids and tropical waters, especially because the embroidery on the top of the cups is done in an iridescent thread which shimmers in the light. The colors might not be everyone's cup of tea but I personally love green and it's always worked well with my pale skin and reddish hair, so I'm a fan of the aesthetics of the bra. The quality of the bra is also impeccable, so the higher price point is more than justified. The mesh is soft, the embroidery is delicate and complex and the garment feels wonderful on my skin.

avocado_calypso_essentia 15.jpg

When it comes to fit, the K shape did not work great on me. While the bra was the correct size for me in a 60G, I found the K cut to be much more projected at the apex than the A cut (which was an ideal fit). The cups are much lower and provide less coverage than the A so in theory I should have preferred the profile of the K since I tend to gravitate towards lower cut bras, but the extra projection caused a lot of wrinkling in the center and at the top of the bra. Avocado describes the K as a "plunging demi with fantastic uplift" and I can't comment on this since I sadly couldn't fill out the cups enough to get much lift! I also found the wires to be slightly wider than the A, so I would recommend this cut to women with projected and even or full on top breasts that may find other Polish bras too narrow in the wires.

Calypso in a 60 band was firm and with a 26-27" ribcage measurement, it felt perfect on me while I found myself wishing Mirabelle was a bit tighter on the loosest hook. If you prefer a bit more stretch in the band, it might be a good idea to size up in the Calypso. 

I was also sent the Calypso matching briefs in a size S, but unfortunately they were much too large on me as I'm usually an XS and the S seems to be cut large. I would advise sizing down in these briefs since I'd estimate them to fit like a UK 10 or US 6. I've provided some pictures of the panties, because they truly are pretty and the Calypso is a hard to match bra so I would try to order the set together if you're into coordinating undergarments.

I'm very excited to keep exploring Avocado and to find out if I can get a great fit in some of the new cuts that are being offered right now. 

Disclaimer: This set was provided to me by Avocado free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own.