Life Updates & Taking a Break

Dear Readers,

I've finally moved into my apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm loving it. I started my new job and so far it's everything I could have possibly hoped for. I've been crazy busy setting up everything in the apartment, getting used to my new commute and haven't had a ton of time to blog.

I felt I was ready to get back to writing and reviewing and taking photos this weekend but unfortunately life had other plans. My lovely SO, who is my photographer for the blog, suffered a family tragedy when his father passed away suddenly a couple of days ago. For this reason, I'll be taking a break indefinitely from new posts. 

I do have a backlog of some photos taken at my old apartment that I can review, but I'm not sure I'll feel up to it. I am going to focus on supporting my boyfriend in any way I can.

I hope you all understand. I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging but it might be a month or two before I want to write anything.