Review: Tutti Rouge Tallulah Sunshine

Dear Readers,

I apologize for my silence over the last few weeks. It's been an extremely stressful time for me since I've been interviewing for new jobs all the way across the country while working a full time job. After dozens of interviews, a big heap of disappointment and rejections, and lots of red eye flights, I finally have landed my dream job as an analyst at an amazing tech company! This Boston lingerie blogger is shipping off to San Francisco in early June. I'm so freakin' excited/nervous/scared, but I'm thrilled to have my lovely SO and fat kitty joining me on this monumental journey. My last day of work is next Friday (!!!) and I hope to devote a lot more time to the blog during my several weeks off in between jobs. 

Today, I will be reviewing the Tallulah Sunshine set by Tutti Rouge. This bra is a deviation from my usual style of pastels and more mature color combinations, but I think that's why I love it so much. It's the perfect cheery spring addition to my lingerie drawer, and this set makes me extra happy because it came in the mail the same day I got my job offer!

Disclaimer: The items pictured in this post were provided to me free of charge for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.

The bright pink and yellow colorway reminds me a lot of Mimi Holliday designs, which is a brand that's in my 'lust' category due to the price point. The cut and fabrics of the Tallulah Sunshine set are impressive and frankly more than I would expect at this affordable price point that includes brands like Cleo and Freya. I'm just as pleased with this set as I was with my Eliza set

ewa_tutti 18.jpg

The cups are made of a silky satin with soft lace on top. I would say this is similar to European semi-soft constructions since the lace functions as more than a trim. The gore is sheer and of medium height and width, adorned with a small bow and crystal at the center. The straps are thin and feature another set of tiny bows that are placed halfway up the front of the strap, which is a unique placement that I haven't seen before. The strap adjustors have the signature Tutti Rouge hearts. The panties are made of the same fabrics with similar detailing and I love the matching little bows on the back triangle portion of the panties.

I received the bra in a 28FF and the panties in an XS. In recent months, I've been firmly in 28FF territory and perhaps could even use a G in certain styles, but I expect that this will change when I finally go back to the gym and start to cut down on the fat I've gained over the long winter months. 28FF is definitely the correct size in this bra, though at times I thought it might be a little small. However, I've determined that this is a result of the cut rather than the size. Tallulah Sunshine is a shallow and wide bra with wide-set straps, which generally isn't an ideal cut for me, but frankly the set is so cute that I'm willing to dismiss the slight incompatibility with my shape. 

The band features 3 columns and 2 rows of hooks and eyes. It's firm and sits flat across my back without riding up. Lately I prefer tighter bands and have stopped wearing most of my 30s, so a firm band is essential to me and this bra did not disappoint. 

The panties fit much smaller in an XS than the Eliza briefs, so this is great for me as the Eliza briefs are too loose on me. They don't cut in anywhere and are definitely one of my favorite cuts. I'd say they are somewhere between a thong and a brazilian cut, so it's a super flattering shape on the bum. 

Overall, I think this set is absolutely fantastic and the colors are very flattering on pale skin. I would recommend it for shallow shapes with wider roots and ladies who don't mind low rise, skimpy coverage on the bottom. Extra projected and narrow shapes should probably stay away, since with my shape I get a little bit of creasing in the bottom of the cup. The bra comes in sizes 28-38 D-HH and the panties are available in XS-XXL.

Tutti Rouge fulfills all of my super girly lingerie needs and I am really looking forward to the next collection - especially the Jessica, which is the first ever unpadded bra that comes with removable cookies!

What do you think of Tutti Rouge? What are your favorite lingerie colors for spring?