Review: Bosom Galore Amelia

Disclaimer: The items pictured in this post were provided to me free of charge for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.

Several weeks ago, I reviewed the first lingerie set available from brand new company Bosom Galore. The Classique was a beautiful silk and lace balconette in red and black tones and I reach for it in my drawer every time I want to feel sophisticated and sexy. Today, I will be reviewing the next style that just launched - the luxurious and subtly gorgeous Amelia. When talking with Katy, Bosom Galore's director, she mentioned that the Amelia has deeper cups than the Classique, which was a bit too shallow for me. Today, I am thrilled to be able to try out this set and share my thoughts with you.

Amelia features dusty rose-colored silk cups with a cream lace overlay covering the majority of the cup. The cups are constructed with a single seam in the center and provide medium coverage. The half-adjustable straps are attached at the top apex of the cups and a low gore is attached where the inner points of the cups meet. The materials are of wonderful quality and the bra is very comfortable and flattering. The cream and rose colorway almost works as a nude on my fair, cool-toned skin and is going to be a very useful fancy basic in my bra-drobe. From the photo on the Bosom Galore website, I expected the Amelia to be more iridescent beige than dusty rose, so perhaps this color may not work great on olive or yellow undertoned skin, but on skintones like mine, I think it's a lovely and unique color match. 

This time, I opted for the boyshort underwear option rather than the briefs. The Amelia boyshorts feature a matching dusty rose silk front panel with stretch lace covering the back and sides of the garment. The boyshorts come up slightly high on me and while I wouldn't call them truly high waisted, they do come up higher than most boyshorts I own. The stretch lace feels soft against my skin and isn't irritating at all which is very important for someone with finicky skin.

As far as sizing, I received the Amelia bra in 28FF and the shorts in size 8. The 28 band fit great and is true to size, fitting snuggly on the loosest hook. (Recall the Classique ran very firm and required a band size up.) Katy warned me that the wires run fairly wide on this bra but that it might still be a better fit than the Classique on a narrow and projected shape like mine. I think her assessment was spot on because Amelia accommodates my projection wonderfully and while there is quite a bit of extra space between my breast root and the end of the wires, there is no visible wrinkling or discomfort from this. The wires are firm but not overly stabby like those of some British brands can be, so I think the bra's width can comfortably fit breasts of different shapes. The overall profile of this bra is lifted & separated and isn't the type of bra you'd reach for if you're looking for cleavage, but its understated and minimized appearance is a great choice for many outfits that don't require a pronounced bust line. 

Like the Classique knickers, I was originally sent the Amelia boyshorts in a size 6 since I always take the smallest size in underwear, but I ended up exchanging for an 8 since the 6 was far, far too small. I would compare the fit of these size 8 knickers to my Cleo by Panache knickers, which is to say they run slightly small for an 8. (For reference, Freya size 8's are huge on my 33" hips). The size 8 shorts fit wonderfully on the bum and are very flattering from behind but cut in slightly at the waist causing a bit of a bulge below the waist around the circumference of the waistband. I anticipate that with wear and a few washes, the elastic will loosen up but that is yet to be determined. While I'm in love with the overall appearance of the boyshorts and the stretch lace portion is perfect, I do wish the elastic was looser or a bit thicker to minimize the cutting in effect. Additionally, while pure silk feels amazing on the skin and is a high quality material, it can often cause a loose, bunchy appearance in underwear, so I personally prefer silk with a bit of elastic added to it to avoid this. However, I do want to note that the Amelia thong doesn't contain any elastic in the sides for those of you looking for less coverage and a looser fit.

Overall, I would say the fit of the Amelia is most suited towards moderately projected breasts with wider roots but is definitely still comfortable on a narrower shape like mine. This is a huge win for Bosom Galore, because it's very hard to find padded bras that can accommodate projection without causing that unsightly crease on the bottom of the cup. The set is of very high quality and the materials looks and feel great. Amelia comes in sizes 26-34 E-H and several matching cuts of panties come in sizes 6-16.

I can't wait until Bosom Galore releases more styles of bras - especially unlined! I'll be first in line to try them out.