Review: Bosom Galore Classique

If you're not familiar with Bosom Galore, they are a brand new full-bust luxury lingerie brand from the UK that just launched their first collection a few weeks ago. They cater to the smaller end of the band size spectrum, carrying sizes 26-34 E-H, which is a super impressive size range for a brand new company if you ask me!  I've been following the brand for ages, so I was really happy when the wait was finally over. A few months back, I contacted Katy, the company director, to chat about the new collection and expressed interest in trying it out. She was happy to send me the Classique balconette bra and knickers to try out, especially since her vision for the company is to cater to many different breast types, including augmented breasts.

Note: All items in this post were provided to me free of charge for review purposes. Of course, all opinions are my own.

I received the Classique set and was really impressed by how beautiful and luxurious it felt. I've never owned any high end lingerie like this, so this set is truly a treat. I'm generally not big on the combination of red and black, but with the carefully chosen silks and laces, the color scheme works well. Based on the photos on Bosom Galore's website, I expected the silk to be iridescent and satiny, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it's mostly matte, which plays nicely with the understated glamour feel of the Classique range.

Since this was Bosom Galore's first-ever collection and there weren't any reviews online yet, I struggled to decide on the right size to order for the bra and knickers, but Katy was extremely helpful in this process. Since I'm between 28F and 28FF and usually take my smaller size in balconettes and half-cups, we decided on the Classique balconette in a 28F and the knickers in my usual size 6, which tends to work on my 33" hips. Unfortunately, when my package arrived, I was sad to find that both pieces were much too small on me. The 28 band fit more like a 26, and even on my 26.5" ribcage, it was too tight to be comfortable. The cups were also very small, so I decided to size up a 30F. The size 6 knickers technically fit, but they cut into my hips and weren't terribly flattering, so I sized up to an 8. The new sizes were a much better fit and all was right in the world again.

The Classique bra is a lightly padded, single seamed balconette with a shallow shape and average to narrow wires. Due to the shallow shape, I probably could have even sized up to a 30FF if I wanted a roomier fit. Generally, this shape doesn't work well on my moderately projected and narrow breasts, but the Classique bra somehow defies logic and still looks great on me. I think due to the well designed construction, the bottom of the cup doesn't collapse like most shallow padded cups do and the wider wires are still low under the arm and don't cut in anywhere or rub my skin. This bra likely wouldn't work for super projected shapes, but I can get away with it without any visible fit issues. However, shallow breasts will probably look best in this shape.

The knickers feature matching silk and lace in the front and a semi-sheer mesh across the rest of the panty. I personally love sheer, lightweight underwear like this, but if you prefer something different, the Classique range also has a thong and a boyshort option. I'm happy I exchanged for a size 8 because these knickers will be a perfect fit under a summer dress or with some lightweight chino shorts when the weather gets warm.

bosom_galore 2.jpg

As far as compatibility with implants goes, the Classique bra does very well. The shape is uplifted and provides gently sloping cleavage. However, if I could change one thing, I would prefer a slightly lower and narrower center gore, since like many augmented breasts, mine are quite close together and a high and wide gore can often become uncomfortable throughout the day (I'm looking at you, Parfait Charlotte). Though I haven't worn the bra yet for a full day, I don't have any issues with the gore as it is, but for maximum comfort, a smaller one would be ideal.

All in all, I'm very impressed with this set, especially considering it's first collection. A lot of thought and time went into this collection and it really shows. Aside from having to size up in the band and cup, I didn't find any fit issues and the quality was lovely. I'm really excited to see what Bosom Galore has in store for the next collection.

Speaking of which, if you would like to support Bosom Galore's fundraising efforts for the upcoming summer collection, please visit their Indiegogo page. Every little bit counts, so whether you can buy some luxury chocolates or preorder the Classique set in teal at a discounted price, your efforts will help make the next collection even better.

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