Review: Freya Starlet Vertical Seam Bra

You know that feeling of lingerie-induced heartbreak when a bra is too small and you think "Oh, no worries, I'll just order it in the next size up" only to find out the next size up doesn't exist? Sad to say, that's what happened to me with the Freya Starlet. 

I had been looking forward to trying Starlet for ages since I first saw it in the Freya SS'15 collection preview, so when it finally became available on Figleaves, I ordered it right away. I'm a lover of mint green in general, but pair that sheer fabric with a vertical-seamed balconette and cute bows? I just couldn't resist. I'm in between a 28F and 28FF as always but tend to wear 28F in unpadded bras, so I ordered the Starlet half-cup in my usual size of 28F without thinking twice. 

When it arrived, I fell even more in love with the color - so fresh and perfect for spring. I also found that the pale pink bows were decorated with tiny mint green polka dots, which I didn't initially notice when looking at pictures of the bra online. When I put on Starlet, I was immediately pleased that the 28 band was a little bit firmer than a typical Freya 28, which can fit like a 30. It wasn't a super firm band, but definitely wearable on the second hook on my 27" ribcage. Also, I was worried that the wires would be very wide -  a common feature of many British bras that doesn't quite agree with my breast shape. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Starlet's wires were average to slightly narrow - still a little bit wider than ideal for me, but definitely a much better fit than I expected.

Unfortunately, the fit deal-breaker was that Starlet was way too small in the cup and created some dreaded quadboob. With the light background of my photos, the fit issue didn't come through as prominently as it looked in real life, but the bra was definitely a cup size too small. I went right back to Figleaves only to find that the half-cup version wasn't available in an FF! I figured it was simply out of stock, but after some digging around online, I found that the style only comes in sizes D-F and frankly, I was a little shocked since that seems like a very unusual cut off for a full-bust brand. 

The Starlet also comes in a classic three part cup in the same mint colorway, but I'm a bit apprehensive to try it since sometimes Freya bras are too projected at the apex and too closed on top for me.

Source: John Lewis

Source: John Lewis

What do you think of the Starlet? Should the vertical seam bra have been made in a larger size range? Do you like the three part cup version?