Review: Comexim Irish Coffee

Note: The items in this post were provided to me for review purposes. All opinions are entirely my own.

In addition to the Joy longline, Comexim was kind enough to send me the Irish Coffee bra to review. I've had this piece on my wish list since July, so I was really excited to finally try it.

The Irish Coffee features latte-colored lace over a rich brown background, adorned with a silky satin ribbon, coral bows, and a tiny silver charm at the gore. All of the colors and textures work together very well and it's probably one of my favorite Comexim designs ever. Also, the color scheme looks fantastic on pale skin and reddish-brown hair, so that's a plus! The design is delicate and sophisticated. The lace overlay is very smooth and looks fantastic under fitted clothes. 

avocado_comexim 8.jpg

I received Irish Coffee in a 60H and while it fits, I think I should have gone for a 60HH. The top edge of the cup is a bit more closed on top than the Geisha plunge, so it cuts in a slightly in certain positions. Perhaps the shape may be better suited for full-on-bottom breasts. Also, I have a bit more tissue under my arms that I would have preferred to be covered by the cup. The minor fit issues definitely don't prevent me from wearing the bra and it still looks great under a low cut top or dress.

As always, the wires are perfectly narrow and the cup height is low - perhaps the lowest I've tried so far. The band features two rows of hooks and eyes and is about the same firmness as my Geisha bra - true to size for a 60.

I think my boobs are just meant to be in Polish lingerie - I think over half of my collection is made up of Polish bras at this point! Maybe it's the Eastern European descent. Next I would love to try some unpadded bras from Comexim and in the future, I may go for 60HH as my standard size.

I highly recommend Comexim to anyone with narrow roots and a projected shape. I find the bras to work exceptionally well on my augmented breasts, because the gores are thin and tack gently and strap placement is perfect.