Review: Comexim Joy Longline

Note: The items in this review were provided to me free of charge for review purposes. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.

After trying the Comexim Geisha and realizing it was literally the most perfectly fitting and amazing bra that I own, I knew I had to try more lingerie from Comexim. After I reached out to Anna, the owner of the Polish lingerie business, and expressed my love for the Geisha, she kindly offered to send me a couple of bras to try and review on the blog. One of these beautiful bras was the Joy longline - and it definitely did not disappoint.

As soon as I took the Joy out of its packaging, I was stunned by how colorful and pretty the floral print was. It looks just like a blooming garden in the spring. I had seen the bra online when browsing Comexim's offerings and this one didn't jump out on me, so I think it's safe to say the pictures don't do it justice. The print reminds me a little of the new Cleo longline for AW'15, but on a brighter background.

The material is incredibly soft - probably one of the nicest feeling bras I've ever tried! It is made of a high quality synthetic with two soft, silky layers of fabric. The cups are a classic lightly padded half-cup with two vertical seams, very similar to Freya's padded longlines. Just like I mentioned before when reviewing the Geisha, the lining of the bra is super light and breathable which is great for creating a smooth shape without too much bulk. 

One thing I noticed right away about the Joy was its tapered shape. I've tried a number of longlines and most of them are the same width at the top of the band and at the bottom. Because I have a smaller waist and a bit of a tapered rib cage,  this usually means that the band fits well in the first or second row but is really loose towards the bottom. I was really happy to see that the cut of this longline accounts for the fact that most people's ribcages are wider right under the breasts and get a little narrower towards the waist.

I received the bra in a 60HH, one size up from the Geisha I own. This size was spot on for me and I suspect that Anna sent me a 60HH instead of my regular 60H because the half-cup cut run a little smaller in the cups than the padded plunges. The wires are narrow and low under the arm, however they are a little wider than the Geisha's. This was refreshing to see because almost every half-cup style longline I've tried has ridiculously wide wires and is very shallow. My breasts are moderately projected and I think this style could work for slightly shallower and slightly more projected shapes, but probably not too well at either extreme.

My only complaint about the bra is that the bottom of the longline is a little tight on my waist right now. For reference, my underbust is about 26.5" and my waist is about 24" and I've put on a little bit of winter fat this year. My waist normally measures 23" and I'm sure that once I get back in shape and my obliques are firmer and/or the band stretches with wear, this won't be a problem. However, if you have a straighter figure with less of a tapered shape and nipped-in waist, the construction of the longline might cause it to be way too tight at the waist. If that's the case, it might be worth it to ask Anna if the bodice of the longline be modified to be straighter - usually she has no problems making minor adjustments to her bras.

What do you think of the Joy? Are you into florals for spring?