Review: Tutti Rouge Eliza

Disclaimer: The items pictured here were gifted to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Too often in the full bust market, I see the same themes over and over again - safe color choices, basic florals, and tried and true cuts. I like fresh and youthful designs, but that doesn't mean I want flamingos printed on my lingerie - those types of prints should be paired with boat shoes on Cape Cod, in my opinion! A new brand on the scene, Tutti Rouge, has struck the perfect balance between youthful, pretty and a bit daring in their full bust designs. Take a look at this gorgeous AW'14 style called the Eliza, offered in sizes 28-38 D-J.

TR sent me the Eliza bra and matching knickers to review and I'm pretty much in love. The first thing that stuck out to me was the color choice for this set. I'm usually not a fan of lingerie that features more than one saturated color, but the violet and bright pink hues work together very well here. The center of the bra is adorned with a hot pink flower with a jeweled center and there are adorable little gold hearts in place of the usual boring bra strap hardware. Below the band is some additional soft lace for some added frill.

I took the bra in 28F and the bottoms in my usual XS. I found the cut of the bra to be extremely flattering. It's a balconette design with a single vertical seam, however the lace embellishment at the top might fool you into thinking it's a three-part cup design. Compared to other vertical seamed bras, this one has a bit more coverage and that's great. I don't love the fit of most three-part cups on my medium sized bust, so this type of cut strikes a perfect balance between the full coverage support of three-part cups and the oh-god-are-my-nipples-falling-out feeling that some low cut half-cups have.

In this particular design, I'd probably find an ideal fit in a 28F1/2 if it existed, because this 28F has a tiny bit of cutting in at the top but a 28FF would most likely be too tall and large for me. The wires are of average width so as with most bras, I have about a centimeter of empty fabric on the sides but due to the cut and reinforced mesh, it doesn't bunch up at all and isn't noticeable. These are very minor fit issues and don't get in the way of me loving the bra, though.

The band is a true-to-size 28 - probably a tad looser than most of my Cleo bras in a 28 but definitely not as loose as newer Freya 28s. It's soft and silky and doesn't irritate my skin at all.

The Eliza panties are very girly but simultaneously have a naughty feel to them with the completely sheer back. I personally find this even sexier than revealing thongs. As much as I love the design of the panties, the XS is just a bit too large on me and gives me the dreaded saggy butt look if I don't pull them up constantly. I might perform surgery on them and take them in a bit just like I did with my Gossard thong, though, because I love wearing full sets.

Overall, I am really darn impressed! Usually a new full bust lingerie brand will take a few seasons to really get everything right but I thought the fit and design of the Eliza set was on par with brands that have been around for decades. Keep on rockin', Tutti Rouge! Can't wait to try something from the SS'15 collection when it hits stores.