Review: Ewa Michalak SM Cukiereczek

Disclaimer: The items pictured here were gifted to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Today I'm pleased to review another offering from Ewa Michalak's early autumn collection - the SM Cukiereczek bra & matching panties. First off, I apologize for the delay in this review, as it is now almost winter. Unfortunately, the parcel with my lovely EM underpinnings was mailed to my office and the mail room rejected it for some unknown reason, so it went all the way back to Poland before reaching my home! 

Cukiereczek directly translates to 'candy' and this set really does live up to its name. The ivory, pink and green rose design looks sweet, tender and feminine. I'm a huge fan of embroidery on neutral bases in general, but I think it works especially well in this design because the sheer fabric almost disappears on my skin and the rose embroidery looks it's painted onto my skin from a distance.

I've tried the SM cut before and find it very flattering on my bust, so I knew what to expect with the shape of this bra in my usual EM size of 65F. Compared to my SM Czarna Mgiełka, I find the band to be a bit tighter. While the Czarna Mgiełka fits like a firm 30, I'd say Cukiereczek fits like a true 28 - quite snug on the tightest hook on my 26-27" ribcage. On my sensitive skin, some parts of the hook & eye closure are a little bit irritating, but it feels better when I fasten it on the middle hook to avoid the edges of the closure.

Both the Cukiereczek and Czarna Mgiełka are ever so slightly too wide in the wires on me, but it is more noticeable in the Cukiereczek. When the bra slides down from my natural root throughout the day, there is some wrinkling on the sides but it is very minor and doesn't bother me too much. 

I also received the Cukiereczek stringi (thong) and figi (briefs) to complete the set, both in size 6. I've noticed my size 8 coordinates have been fitting a little more loosely so I opted to switch to a 6 and this was definitely the right choice - the fit is much better. Also, can I just say how great it is to have more than one pair of panties to go with one bra?!

The bows on the figi (briefs) match those on the bra perfectly, however the bows on the stringi (thong) are a shade lighter but still go with the bra. I absolutely love the double sheer fabric design of the figi - I think it's genius and very flattering. 

Thank you to the Ewa Michalak team for sending me this lovely set to review! The more bras I try, the more I fall in love.