Review: Samanta's A142 & A225 Cuts

The last new (well, new to me) Polish brand that I will be talking about is Samanta. Like most of my exposure to less popular Polish brands, I found out about Samanta from Miss Underpinnings' Polish fit comparison guide. (Seriously, that post is basically my Polish lingerie bible and if you haven't read it yet, you definitely need to!)

When a Samanta sale popped up on Zulily a few weeks ago, I had to restrain myself from ordering every single bra style available in my size. I finally pared my selections down to just two bras - the A142 Nembris and A225 Weles. There is a rather limited amount of information about Samanta among the lingerie blogging community, so I had to make my best educated guess about sizing. I wear 65F in Ewa Michalak and 60H in Comexim, so I guessed I would need a 65G in Samanta since the brand follows standard EU sizing. However, based on the aforementioned Miss Underpinnings post, I deduced 65F would probably be better, since Cecily wears a 65G and she's at least a cup size larger than me.

Much like Ewa Bien, Samanta offers many different styles of soft, semi-soft and padded bras coded by numbers and letters. Additionally, the brand divides its lingerie into three categories - young, pret-a-porter, and glamour, listed in order of price and ornateness. My two selections above were both from the pret-a-porter collection that lives right in the middle.

The A142 Nembris is a single-seamed sheer lace balconette bra with a cut out gore, very similar to the Ewa Bien B130 Artemis I recently reviewed, and just as beautiful.

My choice of 65F is probably the best fit I could have gotten in this bra, but overall it did not work for me. First, the band is extremely stretchy for a 65, stretching to 31-32". On a 27" ribcage, there is just no way such a loose band could work. To add insult to the injury, in addition to being stretchy, the band is also rather thin.

Although the cups are the right size for my bust, they curl outwards on top. I think this is mostly due to the unsupportive band, though. I suspect that if this bra had a much smaller band, the cups would may have lied flat. The wires are a bit narrower than the Ewa Bien Artemis, but not overly narrow like other Polish brands, which is unfortunately what I need for a good fit. I believe women with average projection and average roots would find a good fit in the A142 style, but it's absolutely necessary to size down in the band unless you prefer a looser fit.

The second style I tried was the A225 Weles. While the A142 could have worked with a tighter band, on me, the A225 is past the point of no return.

The cup is mostly padded with a single seam in the middle and unpadded stretc  lace at the top -  I think this is what most Polish designers call "semi-soft". The gore is sheer in the middle but not completely cut out like in the A142. The Weles color scheme is a dusty rose with silver embroidery - very feminine and pretty, but it turned out to be a bit more pink than I expected based on the pictures from Zulily. The lace pattern sort of reminds me the scales on a mermaid's tail.

Like the A142 Nembris, the bra had an absurdly stretchy band, again stretching to more than 32". It rides up worse than some of the 32 bands I used to wear before my bra fitting epiphany!

The cups are shallow and also too small for me. I think I would have had a better fit in a 65G, but I think the poor fit mostly comes from the lack of immediate projection at the bottom of the cup. The A225 would fit a shallow shape with wider roots, and again, sizing down in the band is necessary.

Although I'm pretty disappointed that these bras didn't work for me, I would be willing to try more Samanta styes in a 60 band, but the current selection is fairly limited. Samanta offers bras in sizes 60-85 A-J and has a large presence in the Eastern Europe, but not so much my side of the pond.

For my lovely readers - if you wear around a 32E or 32DD bra, I have the Samanta Weles on sale here.

Have you tried Samanta? What is your favorite Polish brand that I have reviewed recently?