Review: Comexim Geisha

Next up in my Polish lingerie series is the beautiful Comexim Geisha.

Comexim is another wonderful brand out of Poland that I recently became enamored with. Their specialty is seamed, padded plunge bras that come in an enormous range of sizes, from 60-95 (28-42) D-N. Comexim also produces several unlined styles that I have not had a chance to try yet. According to this size chart, the cup size letters follow a typical European sizing pattern of single letters, with the one exception being HH cups (why, I'll never know.) As a usual wearer of 28F-28FF, I chose a 60H as my size and it was a nearly perfect fit.

The first thing I noticed about the Geisha when I took it out of the packaging was how incredibly light the fabrics are. Usually, padded bras have at least some bulkiness to them, but the foam inside of these cups is almost weightless, contributing to the supportive but almost imperceptible feeling this bra has. The cup is constructed of three parts with a seam running down the middle, creating a soft and projected shape. The print is a delicate beige and pink Japanese-inspired floral with soft, black mesh overlay, finished with a small lace trim and satin bow. The gore is narrow and of medium height, with perfectly narrow wires that suit my narrow, even shape very well. 

For a full-bust bra design, the band and hook and eye columns are fairly narrow, but this doesn't bother me at all because the band is quite snug and supportive. I am unsure if the band becomes wider and contains more columns of hooks and eyes in larger sizes, but if not, perhaps women who prefer a broader band may find this narrow band problematic. 

One other thing I noticed about the bra was the relatively soft gore. Unlike many British brands, where women often complain of gores digging in painfully, the Geisha's gore just barely tacks on me. When I lean forward, it floats away from my chest by about few millimeters. Perhaps this is because I fill out the 60H really well - I may opt for a 60HH in the future. Regardless, though, I don't think it's necessary for the gore of a bra to basically fuse with one's sternum for a great fit and ample lifting.

Compared to Ewa Michalak's plunges (PL style), the gore is higher, the wires are slightly narrower, and the cleavage is much more subtle. Also, there are no removable pads in the cups for asymmetry correction or an additional boost. Neither of these are an issue for me, since I have implants and my breasts were "designed" to be almost identical. However, most natural breasts have at least some size discrepancies and plunges can make this more apparent, so if the lack of removable padding is a deal breaker for you, the PL may be a better choice. I prefer the Geisha for an every day soft and projected look and wear my PL when I want impressive cleavage in a low-cut top. 

Another great thing about Comexim is that they offer free customizations. If you require a band size outside of their normal production range, you can request this at no cost. Additionally, the company offers modifications like lowered gore height and reduced wing height. For example, since I have fairly short roots, if I want a roomier fit in a 60HH, I may request reduced wing height in my order so that the sides of the bra don't come up to my underarms. 

I can't wait to order more Comexim bras! I am really curious to try the Dafhne bra, a vertical-seamed half cup, and compare the fit to the Geisha.