Store Review: A Revelation in Fit

Since I travel quite a bit each year for work and pleasure and always make a point to check out local lingerie shops, I thought I would get into the habit of reviewing local lingerie shops. On my wonderful vacation around the Pacific Northwest and California, I was able to stop by A Revelation in Fit in Oakland, CA.

I had been following Robynne Winchester, the founder of Revelation, on her journey to open the lingerie shop of her dreams via Reddit's aBraThatFits community. The shop caters to a full range of sizes (28-46 A-KK) and carries many of our favorite British brands, as well as the Polish lingerie we can only hope to find online. I was so excited when the shop opened in May and as soon as my trip to California was planned, I made a point to make a pit stop in Oakland and visit the boutique. 

The shop is small and cozy, with quite a few brands and styles to choose from on the floor, like Cleo, Freya, The Little Bra Company, Ewa Michalak, Avocado and others. Robynne assured me that she keeps many sizes are in the back, and sure enough, every bra I wanted to try on was available in my size - this pretty much unheard of in a 28 band! She has done an excellent job building her stock, so if you don't see your size right away, don't be disappointed and just ask. Personally, I prefer this fewer styles, more sizes approach to the opposite. 

The fitting rooms are luxurious, comforting and well-lit, which is imperative, because bra-fitting can be quite an awkward experience for many women, but the atmosphere at Revelation is pleasant and calming. 

Robynne is a very knowledgeable fitter and a friendly woman in general. She was able to give me brand-specific fit advice that helped me pin down the right styles for my shape. I also overheard her explaining to customers that it's important to scoop & swoop breast tissue into the cups and letting them know that certain bras are better suited for full-on-top or full-on-bottom shapes. This is great, because there is so much more to bra fitting than finding the right size - that's only half the battle.

I tried on several Avocado bras and finally figured out which cut and size combination I needed and ended up coming away with another trusty Freya Deco to add to my collection. If you live near Oakland, I would definitely recommend paying a visit to Revelation - and even if you don't, it may even be worth it to hop in the car for a few hours. You can also visit the website here.  It really beats sending bras back and forth from Poland! 

What's your favorite lingerie shop? Do you find it helpful to read store reviews from different parts of the world?