Review & Giveaway: FOXERS Papaya Lace Boxers & Camisole

Disclaimer: The items pictured here were gifted to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I first saw FOXERS' adorable lace boxers when fellow blogger Knicker Nomad reviewed a pair a few months ago. I was drawn to the deep colors, contrasting waist bands, and the general idea of a common mens' item being adapted to be cute and feminine. I was thrilled when April Spring of FOXERS kindly agreed to send me a set so I could experience these lacy underthings for myself!

I have to say, this is the perfect lounge set. It is comfortable, soft, and definitely beats sitting around in my usual uniform of a ratty old t-shirt and yoga shorts when I come home from work and strip off my clothes. I found the best fit in the boxers in XS and the camisole in S. For reference, I have 33" hips and a 26" ribcage right now, as I've lost a bit of weight recently.

The boxers are a perfect fit all over and are rather cheeky in the XS, so I wouldn't expect complete bum coverage, but that's a look I generally prefer anyway in my underwear. The lace is soft and not at all scratchy, which is hugely important to me because my skin is extremely finicky and gets irritated often. The waistband is made of thick cotton and the reverse side shows a nicely finished white elastic band with the FOXERS logo printed in large letters. I actually prefer to wear my boxers with the waist band rolled down for a lower rise, and the neat inner waist band makes this a really cute look. I am also a big fan of the scalloped edge on the boxers, which I think is very flattering on my thighs.

The fit of the camisole isn't as ideal on me as that of the boxers, but that is something I expect with all lingerie that doesn't use bra sizing. The cups fit wonderfully with a minimal coverage look in the S, but the cropped body of the camisole is very stretchy and loose on me, so it doesn't offer a ton of support. This is just fine with me since I plan to wear this set exclusively for lounging and don't want anything too tight on my ribcage when I'm sitting on the couch and eating until my waistline expands by several inches ;). The straps are made of a very narrow piece of fabric that matches the waistband of the boxers and they are finished off with tasteful little bows in a neutral color. 

I would recommend this camisole for ladies with small to medium busts and ribcages 30" and above based on my own experience. I think it can certainly be worn under clothes during the day for women that don't require a ton of support throughout the day and enjoy the feeling of a looser bodice, but I personally prefer a tighter fit under my tops and dresses. The boxers are very versatile and could be worn under just about anything, but I think I will stick to wearing them with skirts and dresses, since I usually like to wear thongs with pants.

I really commend FOXERS for coming up with such a young and fresh line of loungewear and underthings while maintaining exceptional quality at an affordable price point. I am eager to see future collections and definitely want to try the thongs next.

Now the best part - the giveaway! FOXERS originally sent me the boxers in a size S and they were too large on me, but April invited me to keep the pair I already had and to host a giveaway on my blog, which was incredibly nice of her. If you would like to win this lovely pair of papaya lace FOXERS in size S, please follow my blog and comment below with your name and what you like about FOXERS and I will choose a winner by next Friday, September 19th!


UPDATE: 9/19 - Chloe is the winner of the giveaway :). Congratulations! Thank you all for entering.

UPDATE 2: 10/5 - Chloe loved her FOXERS and wanted to share some pictures :) with everyone!