Review: Gorgeous by Debenhams Black Lace Strapless

An important staple in a girl's closet is a good strapless bra. From dresses with thin straps or no straps at all, to tops with sheer shoulders and wide necklines, a strapless bra is a necessity for a smooth, polished look under clothing. Why, then, is it such an absurdly difficult ordeal to find a strapless bra in a larger cup size that ticks all of the boxes of a proper fit?

Before my breast augmentation, after discovering my proper bra size of 28DD/E, I had no trouble finding a strapless bra that fit me. On my first try, I found that the Deco strapless, a bra often recommended for women with shallow breasts like mine, fit me perfectly. I thought finding a strapless bra in my new size of 28FF would be a walk in the park! Boy, was I wrong...

After my previously beloved Deco strapless proved to be a disaster in my new size, I ordered a few strapless bras online and experienced failure after failure. I tried the strapless offerings from Fantasie, Panache and Wonderbra and each one was a terrible fit on me. Thank the heavens for Amazon Prime's free returns for not draining my bank account with return shipping!

The strapless bras that didn't work all had the same exact issues: shallow, wide cups that were far too tall. I could not find a single strapless bra that accommodated my average projection and relatively short roots without causing creases in the bottom of the cup, poking my underarms, or enclosing half of my ribcage with underwires. That is, until I found the Gorgeous by Debenham's Black Lace Strapless.

I won't lie to you and say that this bra is the holy grail of strapless bras, but it is by far the best one I have found for my shape. It is a diamond in the rough. I was sent on a business trip to the UK and got to visit the bra mecca that is Debenhams.  I tried on close to 20 bras before I found this beauty. I am really impressed with the quality and aesthetic appeal of this bra for the relatively low price point. The bra retails for 26 GBP (about $44 USD), but I snagged it during a store-wide sale for only 20 GBP ($33). It is available in sizes 30-40 D-G.

The cups of the bra are beige with a black mesh lace overlay that is completely smooth to the touch and virtually invisible under clothing, which makes it a very versatile piece without being your boring run of the mill beige strapless. The band is made of a silky, smooth black fabric with three rows of hooks and eyes that I found to be quite supportive and comfortable. I purchased the bra in 30F and found that the band stretches to about 29".

The cups have just the right amount of projection and create a smooth line on my breasts without cutting in. I am a big fan of the front & center shape this bra gives me in clothes. I wish I had taken a picture of the shape in a t-shirt - maybe I'll update the post later with one.

One issue I have with this bra is that there is a bit of room at the bottom of the cups that gets larger and larger as I wear it and the bra creeps down. I have a tapered ribcage, so I suspect that is why the bra slides down throughout the day. I wish this bra came in a 28FF since I suspect that would fix the problem. A 29" band is great and plenty supportive for a regular bra on my 27" ribcage, but I think one stretching to 28" or less would be ideal for a strapless for me. Additionally, the cups are a little bit stiff and can cause gaping when I twist my body in certain ways or lean over. I wish they were more pliable and followed my shape.

Overall, this is a great piece and I'm happy I purchased it, but I do wish I could find one even more suitable for my shape. I wonder what ladies in larger cup sizes with more projection do about strapless bras? I have very average projection and medium-sized breasts and found quite a bit of difficulty in finding one that complements my shape. I am willing to bet that it is even harder for women of other shapes and sizes to find a good fit in a strapless bra. Is it even possible? Is there an amazing bra out there that I don't know about?