Mini Review: Body Glove Smoothies Solo Underwire Top

So, I know that summer is almost halfway over ( did this happen so quickly?!) but I wanted to talk about another full-bust bikini top before the leaves start falling and suddenly there's snow on the ground. Today, I will be reviewing the Body Glove Smoothies Solo Underwire Top. This is a "mini review" because unfortunately, this top did not fit me, so I thought I'd spare you the unflattering pictures and just talk about the fit and who this bikini top may work for.

This bikini top was recommended to me by several busty friends, and after their rave reviews about this being the "best bikini top for big boobs" that they had tried, I decided I would give it a whirl. Body Glove offers several different styles of bikini tops, all in a wide range of bright, neutral and pastel colors, but this is the only full bust design currently being sold. The top comes in sizes D, DD, E, and F, which makes it tricky to figure out which size to buy, since cup size means little without band size. A 28DD is very different from a 38DD, so I am a little surprised that referential band sizes are not included in the sizing for this top. I had absolutely no idea what size I needed, but since this top is available for sale on Zappos (!!!), I was able to order every available size with free next day shipping and free returns.

The Smoothies Solo top features supportive underwires, thinly lined cups, a low gore, and wrap-around strings that can be tied like a regular bra or in a criss cross pattern. This sort of design is great because as long as the cups fit, the "band" can be tightened as much as desired. The construction is solid and the fabric is soft and comfortable.

First, I tried size E and found it laughably huge on me. The underwires were so wide that they wrapped halfway around my ribcage and the cups were unfilled, so I put size F aside without evening opening the package. Next, I put on size DD, and while the cup volume was approximately correct, the wires were still too wide. Lastly, I tried size D, which fit a bit too snugly in the cups and the wires were still too wide. I found the cups to be widely spaced and a bit shallow.

Based on my own size, I'd approximate the cup volumes for this top to be as follows:

D: 28F-30E-32DD-34D-36C-38B

DD: 28FF-30F-32E-34DD-36D-38C

E: 28G-30FF-32F-34E-36DD-38D

F: 28GG-30G-32FF-34F-36E-38D

From this, it appears the cup sizes are based on a 34 band, but please take my estimates with a grain of salt because the overall shape of this top was wrong for me. However, my friend who recommended this top found a perfect fit in the size F and she wears 30G/30GG, so that seems to roughly align with my analysis.

I would recommend this top for ladies who have wider roots, wider-set breasts (at least a two-finger width between the breasts) and not a ton of projection. Overall, it's a supportive and versatile top for the fuller bust market, but sadly it did not work for me. 

Have you tried this top? If it worked for you, how would you best describe your shape and what is your usual bra size?