Ewa Michalak - Reviews & Style Comparisons

Dear Readers,

I apologize for the month of silence.  Just a few weeks ago, I moved into a lovely new apartment on the other side of town with my boyfriend and my weekends and nights have been entirely consumed by organizing, building, and decorating this place, leaving little time for much else besides work. I've been meaning to write this post for weeks now and I finally have some quiet time to talk about my favorite brand, Ewa Michalak.

Since long before my breast augmentation, I have been lusting after Ewa Michalak's designs but didn't take the plunge until after my procedure. My post-augmentation bra size of 28F/28FF has landed me right on the cusp of Ewa's smaller (3DM, 3D) and larger (SM, S) size designs, so I'm fortunate enough to be able to wear and review both.

As soon as I was cleared to wear bras six weeks after surgery, the first thing I did was scour my favorite bra swapping communities to see if I could track down a few second hand Ewa bras to try for size before ordering directly from Poland. I found a brand new 3DM Burek in size 70DD and waited excitedly for it to arrive. Despite taking a 28 or 30 band in most styles,  the previous owner indicated that the band stretched to only 29 inches, which is ideal for my 27" ribcage.

When the bra arrived and I put it on, I fell in love immediately. The design was even more beautiful in real life than I expected. The sheer mesh of the cups is soft and silky, the wire width and band are absolutely perfect for my shape, the colors are delicate, and the cup size is spot on for a minimal look.

The best thing about this bra is that despite being completely unlined, it has a mystifying ability to provide subtle cleavage and an ideal round shape. The cups have very little coverage and accentuate my upper pole fullness. I never thought I could find a piece of lingerie that was functional, soft, comfortable and sexy all the same time, but this bra, like many other Ewa Michalak designs, definitely fits the bill.

Next, I snagged the HP Rokoko bra in size 65E and panties in size 8.

This design is more ornate than what I usually go for, but the colors and the fact that it's the only HP cut still in production swayed me to purchase it. I was surprised to find that the Rokoko in a 65 band was the same size, if not a bit looser, than my Burek in a 70 band. Rokoko feels most comfortable on the middle hook, while Burek feels best on the first or second of 4 hooks.

The cups feature two vertical seams on the inside and are smooth on the outside, with the sparkly, sheer gold bow & navy flower overlay sewn on top. This cup construction reminds me of the Lulu Tout Amelie, but it is done flawlessly with no puckering or gaps between the cup and the overlay. This bra is right on the cusp of being too small, so it gives me perfect "cakes on a plate" cleavage that looks sexy but still tasteful in low-cut tops. The panties are made of matching bow & flower fabric in the front and two layers of sheer fabric in the back. It is a perfect set to wear under a flowy dress in the summer and makes me feel incredibly sexy - sort of like Marie Antoinette.

Next, I got my hands on a 3D Satine in 65E.

Unfortunately, the cups were too small for me but I still feel I can comment on overall fit and design. The cream colored all-over lace of this design is smooth and simple enough for every day but still feels sexy. The cups are made of soft cotton on the inside and come with removable pads for asymmetry correction. The bra has almost the same silhouette as the unpadded 3DM, but is more closed on top with a band similar in stretchiness to the HP Rokoko. I would have done better in a 65F or 60FF in this bra and did not end up keeping it due to the spillage, but I was still impressed by the minimal amount of coverage and short cups. I would like to try the 3D again in the future.

After the 3D Satine and two more 3DM bras in 65E proved to be too small, I decided to stick to 65F as my regular Ewa Michalak size and finally ordered directly from the online store after scoping out new designs for a long time. I ordered the SM Czarna Mgielka, the PL Orange, and the S Porcelanka, all in 65F. They arrived about a month ago and I could not be happier with these bras.

The S Czarna Mgielka bra & panties are probably my favorite piece of lingerie I have ever owned. Compared to 3DM, the SM shape features a higher gore and more coverage. The band is comfortable on the loosest hook. In 65F, this piece gives me a subtle slope and a projected profile that accentuates my natural shape without changing it drastically. The fabrics used are soft and sexy. I seriously want to buy a whole wardrobe of SM bras so I can wear them every day. I can barely even tell I'm wearing a bra but everything is pulled forward and it just looks fantastic. The panties are just as beautiful, best worn under a skirt or dress. I am a sucker for the ruffles and big bows on both the bra and the panties.

The PL Orange is the most enhancing bra of the ones mentioned in this post. It creates amazing bombshell cleavage without too much padding - it's all in the clever construction. The bra comes with removable pads that boost cleavage and correct asymmetry, but it lifts and gathers just the same without the pads. In 65F, this bra is the most roomy and could accommodate a fuller shape than mine, but it still looks ideal on my shape. I'm wearing it today under my favorite orange top and I feel incredibly pretty. The pink and orange design is fun for summer and the lace pattern of the cups is surprisingly smooth under clothes. The panties, with their two large bows that match the gore of the bra, are a delight to wear and make my bum look fantastic.

And last but not last, the S Porcelanka. A beige every day bra that is anything but boring. The contrast stitching and color scheme is similar to that of the Burek and works just as well in this design. The S shape again brings everything front and center without an exaggerated cleavage look. It's just perfect under any top and breathes in the summer thanks to the cotton lining on the inside of the cups. (I will say, though, that the contrast lace may show through very sheer white tops.) The small crystal design on the gore is a nice touch that adds a little flair to an every day staple. I really couldn't ask for more from this bra. I hope that Ewa Michalak keeps making beautiful beige designs in the S shape forever, because I will definitely want a design like this to always be part of my bra wardrobe.

And there you have it - a review of every Ewa Michalak design I've tried. I have yet to get my hands on an HM or CHP style, but I am anxious to try them as soon as possible, given how well the rest of the styles suit me. Every single item from this brand is beautiful, comfortable, and fits my shape perfectly. I am definitely going to be an EM customer for life!

For the record, sizing is as follows:

3DM styles come in 65 A-E and corresponding sister sizes up to 100 bands.

S styles come in 65 F-M and corresponding sister sizes up to 100 bands

HP styles are no longer made (for now, at least), but they come in 65 A-JJ and corresponding sister sizes up to 100 bands.

PL styles come in 65 A-L and corresponding sister sizes up to 105 bands.

You can order many bras in expanded band sizes, like 60 and 55 bands, but they are not returnable and carry a customization fee.

What is your favorite Ewa Michalak design?