The Frustration of Being In Between Sizes

Dear Readers,

Forgive me, but today I have to rant a little. The same issue keeps coming up in nearly every single style, brand or cut of bra I try - I am right between two different cup sizes! That means I always have to pick the lesser evil between gaping cups and too much coverage or slight spillage and quadboob.

I had this issue before I had my breast augmentation - I was right in between a 28DD and a 28E (or 30D & 30DD if I wanted a looser band). By some strange luck, my size increased by exactly two cup sizes, leaving me with the same exact problem, so now I am right in between a 28F and a 28FF (in a perfect world, I would need a 28F1/2). I find myself going for the smaller size, since I'd rather have a little bit of tightness than unfilled cups that gape when I lean over. However, the worst problem is not usually gaping, but straps that rub against my underarms and wires that are far too wide. I wish I could have a boost in the volume of the cup without changing the height and wire proportions. I don't quite understand why cup height increases so dramatically when going up just one size...

I've heard Comexim offers customizations where cup height can be reduced. Have any of you tried this option? Do you have any suggestions to make a girl in between sizes a little bit more comfortable?