Kris Line - Double Review

Today I will be reviewing two lingerie sets by Kris Line,  a seldom mentioned but wonderful full-bust lingerie brand from Poland.

Let me preface this post by saying I had absolutely no idea what size to order in Kris Line. I bought these sets from a sale on Zulily, so there was no option for returns or exchanges. There are very few reviews out there on the brand in general, but I could not find any at all in my size range. I've read on other full-bust blogs that the bras run one to two cup sizes small and the bands run fairly tight, so I decided to take a shot in the dark and order two different sizes, crossing my fingers that one would work. I took the Lace Fortuna Plunge in 65F (30F) and the Coffee Brilliant Plunge in 65FF (30FF), as I am somewhere between a 28F and 28FF in British brands. Kris line offers bras in sizes 60-110, A-O (not all inclusive, and varies form model to model), which is one of the biggest size ranges I've ever seen!

The 65F Lace Fortuna is the winning ticket that ended up fitting me perfectly, so I will be doing a full review on this bra in and an abridged review on the Coffee Brilliant, since it is a less than ideal fit. For the record, I found that in my size, the bra fit fairly true to size or maybe about half a cup size small.

Without further adieu, the Lace Fortuna Plunge & briefs.

This plunge has a few very nice features that I've found to be unique to Polish bras:

  •  The inside of the bra is lined with a soft cotton, which feels great on my fussy, sensitive skin. This is a great contrast against polyester or nylon against my skin. 
  •  It comes with removable foam pads! These differ from Ewa Michalak's removable pads in that they serve more as push-up than asymmetry correction, however, I'm sure they can be used for either.
  • Four sets of eyes - this extends the life of the bra by a significant amount when the band stretches from wear. With a 27" ribcage, I can wear this bra comfortably on the loosest hook, but I can move to the second hook if I wanted a little bit more stability.

Here is a contrast of the bra with and without the aforementioned pushup pads. I think the difference is huge!

Without padding

With padding

And a head on view:

Without padding

With padding...butt-crack cleavage!

Overall, the bra has gorgeous detailing (can you tell I love ornate things?!) and is a perfect fit, both for every day and for a night out. The low gore is super comfortable and doesn't interfere with my implants at all. Due to the three-part cup construction, I think this bra would likely accommodate varying levels of projection, but probably wouldn't be great for very shallow breasts. The shorts in a size S were a bit more coverage than I usually like in my underwear, but the silky material and matching detailing made them a perfect companion to the plunge. 

Let us now turn our attention to the equally beautiful Coffee Brilliant Plunge in size 65FF. 

Look at the gorgeous lace pattern!

Much to my dismay, this bra unfortunately ended up being too large on me. I had a lot of gaping in the top and center of the cups and the cups came up too far into my armpits. I suspect it would have been absolutely perfect in a 65F, but a 50% success rate is not too bad for a blind online order, so I can't complain. I love it so much that I may order it in a size down when I can. 

In contrast with the Fortuna, the Coffee Brilliant is a moulded bra with smooth push-up padding inside the cup. The cup is covered in a smooth fabric with lace panels underneath. The warm beige tone would likely be a nice "nude" t-shirt bra for slightly darker skin tones than mine. 

In my vast research of ins and outs of the bra fitting community, I've noticed one thing that women seem to miss when escaping the bra matrix: the Victoria's Secret moulded pushups. Let's face it, sometimes we just want that amazing cleavage, push-up padding, and smooth lines that full bust bra companies don't offer very often. After trying on hundreds of bras, I have to say that the Coffee Brilliant Plunge is the closest bra I've found to the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Push-up. I would highly recommend this bra if you love this kind of look. It's not for every day, but I think it looks great in certain shirts. 

Luckily for my dear readers, since this bra didn't fit me, the set is for sale or swap. Please contact me for details if you are interested.

Have you tried Kris Line? Share your thoughts!