My first review: Lulu Tout Amelie

I don't want to waste any time, so on to the reviews!

The first bra I've chosen to review is by Lulu Tout, one of the new in-house brands of UK lingerie retailer Lulu Tout came onto the scene a just few months ago and I haven't seen too many comments or reviews on this brand, so I figured it would be a nice starting point. 

Meet the Lulu Tout Amelie Underwired Bra (DD-H) in Electric Blue. I purchased this bra in size 30E, along with the adorable matching shorts in UK size 8 (US 4). I will also note that a halfcup version of this bra exists in sizes A-DD, which is equally adorable, but much to my dismay, I am sized out of that range and can't comment on it!  

This bra first caught my eye just a couple of weeks before I had my surgery, and I was SO ANXIOUS to heal and hurry up and place my first order from because I absolutely had to try this beauty on! The bright blue sheer mesh fabric with a turquoise overlay makes this one of the prettiest and most unique designs I've seen in a long time. 

The Amelie comes in 30-38 bands, but the first thing I noticed is how firm and sturdy the band felt. It doesn't stretch to more than 29 inches, so I would recommend sizing up in the band if you happen to wear a 30 band in most brands. However, this band was ideal for me since I have a 27" ribcage and prefer to wear bands that have a stretched measurement of 28-29". There is some reinforcement on the sides of the cups for added support, which I found to be a nice touch.

Unfortunately, when I put this bra on, the music stopped. The shape was all wrong for me! From the front, it didn't look so bad - no muffin boob, no gaping, tacking gore. 

But when I turn to the side, it becomes apparent that this bra is the wrong shape for me. It is too closed on top and too projected, resulting in an uncomfortable tightness on top and unfilled cups at the apex. I suspect it would work best for a woman with full on bottom, more projected breasts than me. If we're talking in terms of implants, maybe an a high profile implant would do best in this bra, since my mod plus profile doesn't seem to have the projection to fill this shape. However, I will say that I found the wire width and gore height to be quite comfortable, since I find that most wires come up far too high on the sides and gores come up too high for my close-set breasts and dig in in the middle. 

The biggest problem I found with this bra is that the turquoise overlay has no seams attaching it to the main cup of the bra. If I pulled back the entire overlay, I could probably get away with the cup shape, though far from ideal, but the overlay slides around and puckers and bunches up on the front of my breasts. I originally imagined the design on top to be part of the cup, but this unattached construction causes this bra to be a rather awkward fit for me. 

Overall, the quality and aesthetics of this bra really impressed me and I'd say I'm pretty likely to try more in-house brands, as long as there are models that are better suited for my level of projection and size.

Have you tried Lulu Tout? What do you think?