Intro: Data Scientist by Day, Lingerie Addict by Night

Greetings, everyone! This is my first post on my spankin' new blog and I am really excited to be starting my own bra fitting blog at last. I had been thinking about doing this for a long time but finally decided to take the plunge after realizing I'm pretty much a slave to beautiful lingerie, so why not write about it?

A bit about myself: my name is Florence and I am a woman in my mid twenties living in New England. I am a data scientist (hence the "science" portion of my blog title :)), so I spend most of my days working with code and numbers. I adore fashion, lingerie, interior design and photography as well as playing piano and chilling at home with my delightfully chubby cat.

Regarding the "silicone" part - I had breast augmentation surgery a few months ago in January and I am still getting used to my new breasts and figure. I started with a small/medium bust and got modestly sized implants, bringing me from a 28DD/28E to a 28F/28FF. At 5'0 tall and under 100 pounds, with this size I fall right on the cusp of a medium and fuller bust.

In this blog, I see myself writing about how implants affect bra fit and make suggestions to ladies with implants in my size range as well as musing about lingerie aesthetics and fit in general - after all, my breasts aren't that different. They actually look and feel pretty natural, contrary to popular opinion about implants. From my own research, I've noticed that there is a dearth of resources about bra fitting for women with implants, so many of us are stuck in poorly fitting bras. I hope to fill that gap with by writing about my experiences.

I've been interested in bra fitting for several years and what caught my attention many years ago in high school was blogger Venusian Glow's post on the bra matrix. Even in my teens, I realized I was wearing the wrong bra size - nothing ever looked right on my small frame. In retrospect, this was unsurprising, because I was wearing stretchy 32 and 34 bands and shoving my breasts into ill-shaped B and C cups. My band would slide up and down my ribcage and I felt unsexy when I couldn't fill out my bra cups. The problem was, I had NO idea how to fix this or where to get bras that fit. I think I've come a long way since then after reading and researching lingerie for many hours, so hopefully I can offer some advice. I can't wait to join the ranks of the lingerie blogging community!